Who are we?

Background Educations offers academic courses for time-pressed adults in cooperation with 200 university lecturers from 10 universities. Our programs are made for adults who want to continue learning, but don’t have the time for a fulltime university study. Our time-efficient approach consists of two night classes a month, each class taught by a top expert in his or her field.

It all started when Caro Lemeire was looking for such a course, but couldn’t find anything that would fit into the busy schedule of a working mum. She took the initiative and founded Background Educations, allowing course participants to discover a whole new area of research in six months’ time, without investing all their spare time. A realistic form of lifelong learning.

Today she works with an entire team who keep Background Educations going and who commit to learning according to our vision and values.

Background Educations is an accredited training centre. SMEs can use the SME portfolio to purchase courses.



  • Two night classes a month, from September till December and from February to May.
  • Every class a different lecturer who is an expert in his or her field.
  • No exams or assignments, but a certificate as proof of your participation.
  • We work with the best lecturers of different institutions to make sure you gain as many new insights as possible in the shortest time.


Target group

  • People with a demanding job, who realize that new insights and inspiration will boost their energy.
  • Course participants of all ages, looking for new things to discover and learn.
  • Alumni who want to stay informed on the latest scientific research.
  • Everyone who wants to learn, discuss and network with fellow course participants.

Our customers tell us that both course participants with and without foreknowledge find the level of the courses suitable. The lectures focus on specific theme’s and contain interesting new information for everyone.

What to expect?

  • We will hand you a proverbial pair of new glasses through which you will see everything in a different light.
  • Prepare to gain knowledge of recent scientific insights and a critical outlook on current events.
  • You will hear every lecturer’s own, unique story based on their in-depth expertise.
  • After one lecture you will be up to date on the field of research the class tackles. Je will be able to hold an opinion that’s based on solid facts. Whatever job or background you have, the knowledge you gain can be used in both your professional and private life.

Want to know how a course is organised, what certificate you get and where the courses take place? Have a look here!