Background Educations wants to make sure that adults who want to understand the world and their fellow human beings better – whether from a philosophical, psychological, anthropological, economical or other outlook – get the chance to do so. Background Educations is convinced that scientific knowledge leads to a better understanding of ourselves, others and the world, and that it enriches both our professional and private life.

Vision and values


Background Educations is committed to:

  • Being interdisciplinary: we stimulate you to take classes from different courses. This way you can cultivate new ways of thinking in a very short amount of time.
  • Quality: we always look for lecturers who provide the best content for their lectures and who are good speaker. We choose clear, well-explained theoretical lectures over practise based classes.
  • Innovation: lecturers with innovative ideas get a head start with us. We never stop reinventing our programme’s and we continuously seek out new ways of collaborating within our own organization.
  • Social relevance: we ask lecturers to refer to current events wherever possible, we stimulate debate and invest in socially relevant charity programme’s, like our Refugee Lectures.
  • Efficiency: we make our courses compatible to a fulltime job (by only teaching twice a month) and we spend the hours well: we focus on transferring knowledge and we stimulate interaction between course participants and lecturers. We don’t organize exams, thus eliminating stress and making learning interesting and enjoyable again.


Background Educations infographic