Filter Staff

Caro Lemeire

Caro is the founder and director of Background Educations. She studied political sciences and European studies. She has professional experience as a policy officer at the City of Antwerp, as a diplomat at the FOD Foreign Office and as a business developer at VITO. Caro loves lifelong learning and enjoys sitting on a bench in a vibrant city like Stockholm or Tokyo, reading a good book. She is also the course supervisor for Philosophy: movements and ideas in Mechelen.

Mila Druwe

Mila is the course supervisor for Literature: great writers in Mechelen and Psychology: personality in Ghent. She studied classical languas and literature at the VUB as well as marketing. She used to work for the Irish government and as a project manager at an educational publisher. Today she is a communication specialist for the federal government. The dynamic team at Background Educations motivates her and she loves getting people to discover new interesting subjects on an academic level.


Roel Paredis

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Professioneel is Roel steeds actief geweest in de wereld van opleiding en vorming, zowel in privébedrijven, de sociale economie als de onderwijswereld.

Hij studeerde pedagogische wetenschappen aan de KULeuven en antropologie en vergelijkende godsdienstwetenschappen aan de International University of Lugano.

Hij is mede-oprichter van de vzw Background Education en is er verantwoordelijk voor de cijfertjes en de website.

Hij wil zich inzetten voor een verdere groei en diversificatie van Background Educations, ook naar onderwerpen en vakgebieden met een levensbeschouwelijke toets.

Joksie Biesemans

Joksie is the course supervisor for Health sciences: sustainable food in Ghent. She studied Germanic languages and taught a class in Scandinavian languages. She works as a language coach and she gives lectures and workshops on waste management, sustainability and ecology. She is the communication manager and volunteer coördinator of the city’s agricultural project ‘Vegetables from Ghent’ and she started the project ‘Garden of China’. She is a manager at ‘Gentse Buurderij’ a project to bring city dwellers closer to their food and those who produce it. Ecologie and sustainability are deeply intertwined with all aspects of her life.

Lieselot Maes

Lieselot Maes is the course supervisor for Psychology: personality in Ghent. She studied to become a teacher in secondary school at the Artveldehogeschool in Ghent. After a few years of working in the financial sector, she decided to change her life around and set up her own practice as a coach specialised in stress and burn-out. She believes in people and what they can achieve. She likes to spend time with her family and friends. She enjoys reading, sports and, from time to time, she delights in doing absolutely nothing.