Gender studies in Africa #BGEDUCAID

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On Wednesday, Felix U. Kaputu will introduce us in gender studies in Africa. Until 2005, he was a professor in Humanities and the director of the International Office at the University of Lubumbashi (DR Congo). After time in prison and consecutive death threats, the Scholars at Risk Program rescued him. Now he is in Belgium and offers us a lecture on gender studies.

The understanding of gender among the Luvale, Chokwe, Luchiazi, Minungu, Mbunda people (DR Congo, Angola and Zambia) is quite often biased by western presentations. A close observation of these people’s daily life and of the main annual celebrations offers highlights that depict very different realities from the West.

You are welcome to join this lecture after subscription on our registration page.

Wednesday 16 September, 19h-21h30 @ Muntpunt, Munt 6, 1000 Brussels.