Kinds of Memories in the Graphic Novel – 12/03/2020



We Look at recent graphic novels through the lens of memory, covering both autobiographical and pseudo-autobiographical memories as well as representations of collective memories (particularly the First World War). In doing so, the (supposedly) intimate connections between memory work and the graphic novel will be drawn out and interrogated. Well-known authors and artists working in English and in French will be discussed. We begin with a very brief history of comics and graphic novels. De les is in het Engels, vragen zijn welkom in het Nederlands.

Docent: Maheen Ahmed, UGent

Maaheen Ahmed is associate professor of comparative literature at Ghent University. She is working on piecing together a comics history through looking at children in comics and interrogating the relationships established between children, childishness and comics. She is author of Openness of Comics: Generating Meaning Across Flexible Structures and Monstrous Imaginaires: The Legacy of Romanticism in Comics (forthcoming). She is editor, with Benoît Crucifix, of the anthology, Comics Memory: Archives and Styles.

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Locatie: Thomas More Campus De Vest, Zandpoortvest 60, 2800 Mechelen, lokaal C2.23
Tijdstip: Donderdag 12/03/2020, van 19.00 tot 21.30 uur
Opleiding: deel van Literatuur: genres (sem 2)
Les kan afzonderlijk gevolgd worden: ja
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